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Drug Use

Zoloft (Sertraline) is the medication to treat panic attacks and depression. It may be prescribed for social phobia too. Some other uses include post-traumatic stress disorder and premenstrual syndrome. The latter one is in its severe form.

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Side Effects

Here is an incomplete list of common side effects to be expected. They usually vanish soon.

No medical assistance or antidotes are needed when they occur:

  • dry mouth;
  • decreased sex drive;
  • changes in appetite and weight;
  • stomach pain and constipation.

When one of rare adverse reactions occurs, call a doctor. It may be a sign of a serious issue. To the list of such effects belong:

  • slurred speech and weakness;
  • racing thoughts and risk-taking behavior;
  • seizure and hallucinations.

Pregnancy: the medication belongs to the C pregnancy category. It means that it has shown adverse influences on the fetus in pregnant animals. It has not been studied in humans. Take it only when prescribed and benefits prevail over drawbacks.

Breastfeeding: this remedy passes into breast milk. You can buy Zoloft online, but you need to stop using it while breastfeeding.


Some users have allergic reactions to secondary ingredients. Inform a doctor whether you have any. Talk about chronic conditions that may be influenced by the drug administration. Their list incorporates:

  1. thyroid disease;
  2. liver complications;
  3. bleeding problems;
  4. seizures.

When taking Zoloft (Sertraline) older patients have bleeding disorders. Salt imbalance also occurs. Children are very sensitive to its main ingredients, which results in appetite loss.

The drug does not cause dependence. Withdrawal effects are absent or minor, so refuse must be gradual in any case.

If Zoloft is combined with alcohol, it increases sleepiness. Avoid drinking during the course. This combination can also affect the ability of clear thinking and making decisions. Users report slow reactions, too.

Hot to Take?

The choice of administration route and dosage depends on condition and tolerance. It is specified by a doctor. Here are basic tips that must be followed by an average user:

  • administer the medication by mouth;
  • take it on a full stomach after breakfast/evening meal;
  • continue taking drugs even when you feel well;
  • take 25 mg dose once a day to treat panic disorder and post-traumatic stress;
  • 50 mg doses are appropriate for premenstrual syndrome;
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment includes a 25 mg dose taken once a day.

The dose can be decreased in case of adverse reactions. Even if users buy Zoloft without prescription, they still need to follow all label recommendations.

Drug Interactions

What drugs interact with Zoloft? There are few of them and some should not be used at all. Such list includes:

  • Pimozide;
  • Linezolid;
  • MAOIs.

Pimozide interaction causes very serious heart complications that may be fatal. MAOIs increase serotonin syndrome risks. As to Linezolid, it works pretty much the same as MAOIs do.

Side effects become more severe, if Sertraline is combined with NSAIDs and Lithium. The same goes to Cimetidine. Tramadol and Triptans must not be taken too closely to Zoloft administration as well.

Missed Dose

It is suggested to administer the missed dose as soon as it is remembered. Though, it may be skipped. It happens when it is high time to consume another scheduled pill. Extra and double doses are strictly prohibited.


Buy Sertraline online and mind how much you take. Overdose may be accompanied by dizziness and agitation, vomiting and sleepiness, heart problems, etc. The drug has no antidote. This is why home treatment can be supportive only.

Call 911/112/999 to receive adequate and timely medical help. Do not neglect overdose cases. They can lead to hallucinations, convulsions and even coma.


A container with pills should be stored in a place free from moisture or heat. An appropriate temperature range is 15-30C. Zoloft must be hidden from children and home pets.

What does Generic Mean?

The chemical structure of generics is identical to that of brand meds. It meets FDA standards, too. Generics are known for their efficacy, purity, safety and affordability. They are marketed without brand names. Thus, they are less expensive, yet not less beneficial.

How to Buy Zoloft Online?

The procedure is an easy-to-understand-and-succeed-in one. Look through the offered steps. Make each of them to order Zoloft in the required quantity and dosage:

  • start choosing Zoloft pills, they dosage and amount prescribed;
  • add the item to cart;
  • pass to checkout;
  • get your confirmation letter within 30 minutes before you buy Zoloft generic;
  • complete payment process;
  • get a package delivered during 10 working days.

Helping stuff

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The medicine was taken at different periods by almost each family member. I recently tried it myself, looking at my brother, who is studying at the University. At school testing and modules period began and I decided to try this remedy. It really improves well-being, calms. And it's great that it does not harm health.

First and only

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Zoloft is not just a medicine, it's a hope and a fight against panic attacks. It has a cumulative effect and after a month and a half I felt better, I was released, a mood, a smile, a lump that smothered my chest, cautiously, but I started to go to cafes and supermarkets more safely, and it's not easy, those who suffer from panic attacks will understand; the headaches left off. A miracle did not happen, but it became easier for me to carry on.

Hi again!

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I ordered it only yesterday, I already received a notification from the post office about the delivery. Very quickly and efficiently. The price is excellent, there is no sense to overpay for the brand, especially since everything is confirmed by certificates.

Way out is near

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On the background of great grief, the insomnia occurred, which lasted more than a year. Nothing helped. The doctor - psychiatrist recommended this drug. For a start. So, after 2 weeks of taking the medicine, the sleep had normalized! Imperceptibly for myself, I just stopped being afraid of the night (that I will not be able to fall asleep again). And to sleep well. The course was 8 weeks. Gradually I came out - without withdrawal syndrome. Since then, I know for sure that in my case only these pills will help. I take them occasionally, but without fanaticism.
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