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Drug Uses

Topamax (Topiramate) prevents epilepsy (seizures) in patients. It can be taken alone. When combined with other medications, it prevents headaches and migraines. Doses are always adjusted.

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Side Effects

Common Topamax side effects are experienced by every user. They vanish in time. The basic ones that are reported by most sufferers include:

  • mood changes;
  • flushing;
  • changes in sense of taste;
  • indigestion and weight loss;
  • nausea and diarrhea.

The list is not full. The medication triggers many other common adverse reactions, yet users can suffer from rare ones too:

  • vision problems;
  • dehydration and memory problems;
  • irregular heartbeats and appetite loss;
  • weakness.

Pregnancy: the drug leads to birth defects, when taken during pregnancy. The defects occur in early pregnancy. A woman may not know yet she is pregnant.

Breastfeeding: the remedy can pass into breast milk. The results are serious. It is suggested to avoid its administration while breastfeeding.


Professional consultation is required before you buy Topamax online. Allergic reactions are reported. Inactive ingredients lead to allergies and accompanying health issues.

There is a list of chronic conditions to be viewed. They all may be affected by the drug, no matter whether the course is long or short:

  • breathing and lung problems;
  • mental complications;
  • narrow angle glaucoma;
  • liver issues;
  • durable diarrhea;
  • ketogenic diet.

The medication may lead to decreased sweating. As a result there is a rapid raise of body temperature and risks of a fatal outcome. Get medical help if it happens.

Withdrawal effects are always minor. They usually do not require special treatment or care as they soon vanish.

Avoid drinking alcohol when taking Topamax (Topiramate). It leads to dizziness or sleepiness.

How to Take?

The dosage choice and administration route are based on the condition. They are specified by a doctor. Here are some general tips that you may need:

  1. administer the remedy by mouth;
  2. take it on an empty stomach;
  3. it may be consumed on a full stomach to;
  4. drink much water with a tablet as it has a bitter taste;
  5. do not reduce or increase doses on your own.

As to the doses, they are different. The amount of medication administered depends on the condition it is aimed to treat:

  • a typical starting dose is 25-50 mg per day;
  • children above 10 and adults take 100 mg in a week;
  • children should start with 25 mg doses during the 1st week;
  • a maximum dose for children is based on their weight;
  • migraine sufferers are prescribed 25 mg a day.

Drug Interactions

If you buy Topamax without prescription, remember about its interactions with allergy and anxiety drugs, diabetes and insomnia meds, pain and seizure remedies.

  • Allergy meds

When combined with Topamax, they lead to trouble thinking, drowsiness or dizziness. These are Hydroxyzine and Diphenhydramine.

  • Anxiety drugs

Lorazepam, Alprazolam and Diazepam are vivid representatives. They may increase risks for severe side effects.

  • Seizure meds

When combined, they normally decrease levels of Topamax in the body. This results the body temperature drop.

  • Pain remedies

These may slow down the work of the central nervous system and lead to trouble concentrating.

Missed Dose

If you missed the dose less than 6 hours ago, take it now. However, you can skip it. It is done when it is time for the next scheduled dose to be administered. The intake of an extra or double dose is prohibited.


When you buy Topamax generic, the first sign of the overdose is blurred vision. Then convulsions come. Severe cases may be accompanied by depression and agitation. There are some antidotes. Take activated charcoal after emptying the stomach. Hemodialysis will remove Topamax from the body.


Use a tightly closed container for storage. An appropriate temperature is 15-30C. Protect tablets from moisture and keep them away from children or pets.

What does Generic Mean?

The pharmacological effect after the intake of generics is identical to brand pills. Such pills are approved and safe. They have the same administration route and risks, strength and dosage. They are not subjected to potency law. So, they cost less and can be used during a long course.

How to Buy Topamax Online?

To buy Topiramate online means to make the right choice. This purchase saves time. And what is more important it save money. Here is what must be done:

  • pick pills that you need. Pay attention to their dosage and quantity in a container;
  • add them to cart;
  • then go to checkout;
  • you will get a confirmation letter. Or you may be called within 30 minutes after making an order;
  • pay for the order;
  • wait till it is delivered to your doorstep within 10 days.


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The son had only 2 attacks during the crisis periods. For 6 years now, thank God, we live without seizures. The doctor warned that stones can be formed in the kidneys. We constantly keep control on tests and we do ultrasound of the kidneys every year. There are no stones and other side effects! Like this medicine. Most importantly, the seizures are over and do not repeat.

Wonder itself

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The disease I have is not congenital, but acquired, although the essence of the matter does not change and I'm sick for a long time. It all started with short-term seizures. Has addressed to the neuropathologist, got zero result, they referred to the puberty age. Six months later, there was an attack of epilepsy and then they began to stuff me with tranquilizers, I remember this time (though with difficulty) as the worst thing in my life. Teeth dropped out, you always want to sleep, and the attacks come more frequently. At one point, I found out that there are such doctors – epileptologists; I had 7-8 episodes a month by that time - the disease progressed. The specialist canceling tranquilizers and prescribed TOPAMAKS (but the dosage was 25 mg (for children) for the porpoise of getting smoothly used to it. My body used to it right away comparing to phenobarbital. It had an excellent impact on disease, I forgot what it means to be a s**tbag at work, or to expect these terrible seizures every day; and now I just can live my life and enjoy it.
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