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Drug Use

Plavix (Clopidogrel) is a remedy for strokes and heart attacks prevention. It may treat chest pain, too. Keeping blood vessels opens, it prevents blood clots and ensures sufficient blood flow.

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Side Effects

Serious and minor, rare and common side effects occur when you buy Plavix online. The commonest and safest reactions are:

  • hives;
  • swelling of face parts;
  • breathing problems.

They all are temporary. Usually, such complications vanish within hours and lead to no fatal outcomes. As to rare ones, they are severer. Their occurrence depends on many factors, including dosage and age:

  • fever and weakness;
  • heart attack symptoms and chest pain;
  • stroke signs;
  • tarry/bloody stools.

Pregnancy: this is a pregnancy B category medication. Plavix has been studied in pregnant animals, not humans. Trials did not show any risks to the fetus. Nevertheless, it is suggested to avoid administering the drug till evidence of its safety is given.

Breastfeeding: researchers do not know whether it passes into milk. Serious effects will occur if it does. Please, avoid administering this drug, while breastfeeding.


Inactive ingredients can trigger allergies in many drug uses. Inform a doctor, if you are allergic to pills. Medical history is taken into account as well. The doses are to be adjusted and the administration monitored, if you suffer(ed) from:

  1. liver condition;
  2. bleeding problems;
  3. hemophilia;
  4. traumas and serious injuries.

Patients with the history of recent surgeries are in a risk group too. Talk to a professional. Do not take Plavix (Clopidogrel) longer or more than it was prescribed.

The remedy does not show any signs of dependence. Besides, the treatment process is not very durable for the dependency to develop.

The use of alcohol must be limited. Its daily intake in combination with the medication increases risks for stomach bleeding.

How to Take?

There are strict recommendations how the remedy must be administered. They all are clear:

  • consume tablets by mouth;
  • administer them with food or without it (directed by a doctor);
  • take it once a day;
  • do not drink grapefruit juice during the treatment course. It increases side effects number.

The treatment course duration and dosage are specified by a doctor. They differ from patient to patient. Normally, an adult dose is equal to 75 mg and is taken once every day. Poor metabolizers usually require higher doses.

Drug Interactions

Most users buy Plavix generic knowing little about its interactions. There are 5 drug groups. The enumerated medications must not be combined with Plavix:

  • proton pump inhibitors (Esomeprazole and Omeprazole): they make Clopidogrel less effective;
  • NSAIDs (Naproxen and Ibuprofen): they trigger stomach bleeding;
  • antidepressants (SNRIs and SSRIs): they increase bleeding risks;
  • blood thinners (Warfarin): they increase bleeding risks;
  • salicylates (Aspirin): increase risks of very severe bleeding.

Missed Dose

Make a dosage schedule not to miss doses. If you missed one, take it. It is forbidden to take a missing dose when there is little time is left for the next one. It is better to skip the missed dosage.


Buy Clopidogrel online and administer it only according to prescription. Too much of it leads to overdose, the overdose symptoms include breathing problems and bloody stools.

No home antidotes will help in case of overdose. Stop taking the drug. Address your physician or call 911/112/999 to get professional assistance.


The maximum temperature for storage is 25C. A container is to be placed away from heat or moist, pets or children. Brief storage is possible at 15-30ºC.

What does Generic Mean?

Generics are FDA-approved analogs of brand meds. They are characterized by the same results, dosage, quantity and adverse reactions. They may differ by shape and color. But these are important differences to get the approval. You can order generics online. They are always available and affordable for an average user.

How to Buy Plavix Online?

It is easy to order and buy Plavix without prescription. The ordering process incorporates several simple steps that are taken within minutes:

  • pick out the drug you are interested in;
  • pay attention to its dose and quantity;
  • add it to cart;
  • go to checkout;
  • wait from a confirmation call or e-mail that comes within 30 minutes;
  • pay for the pills;
  • get them within 10 days.

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I take PLAVIX after operation on coronary vessels under the instruction of the cardiologist. The drug is expensive, but it has no analogues yet. Seller deliver accurately and on time.


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Plavix is not cheap, but one of the most effective drugs that I know. Generally, Plavix analogs are cheaper, but from some similar drugs I had side effects. Plavix has a number of side effects on both the stomach and the nervous system, but after the course of CLOPIDOGREL I felt great. + The action begins quickly enough, the body reacts to it during 20 minutes.
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