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Drug Use

Baclofen (Lioresal) is prescribed to treat skeletal muscle spasms or rigidity. It deals with pain or muscle clonus. All the mentioned conditions are triggered by multiple sclerosis. The drug is taken orally. It may also be injected. The 2nd variant means spinal cord injections.

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Side Effects

In case users buy Baclofen generic, they can experience both common and rare side effects.

The common ones are:

  1. headaches;
  2. frequent urinating;
  3. dizziness;
  4. drowsiness;
  5. constipation;
  6. weakness;
  7. insomnia;
  8. nausea.

In case or rare and severe ones, please contact your doctor or medical service immediately. The rare effects are:

  • convulsions;
  • uneven heartbeat;
  • hallucinations;
  • confusion.

Pregnancy: FDA has not approved Baclofen for use during pregnancy. It is not clear whether the drug is 100 safe or not. If a woman is pregnant, she should tell her doctor. The remedy may be used when benefits prevail over drawbacks.

Breastfeeding: Baclofen may trigger adverse reactions in infants. Yet still, all drawbacks and impacts are not properly studies yet. Stop administering the remedy, if you are breastfeeding.


Some patients are to be cautions while they buy Baclofen online to deal with their muscle spasms. This group of people includes those, who suffer from:

  • epilepsy;
  • kidney issues;
  • history of heart attack or stroke.

Patients with epilepsy can worse their seizures. When taken by kidney issue sufferers, Baclofen leads to side effects. However, lower doses are safe. Patients with a history of strokes report that this remedy does not work for them.

The tablets have not been researched in children. They are not prescribed for children, who are under 12 years.

Do not consume alcohol when you are on Baclofen. Combination with strong drinks may lead to health complications.

If you stop administering the drug suddenly, you will not feel better. The muscle spasms will get worse.

How to Take?

Baclofen (Lioresal) is taken strictly according to professional advice. The dosage is based on the condition. It is forbidden to increase prescribed doses without consultations. The administration recommendations are:

  • take the drug by mouth;
  • consume it with food or without it;
  • take it not more than three times per day;
  • during the first 3 days the dosage is equal to 5 mg;
  • during the 4th-6th days- 10 mg;
  • during the 7th- 9th days- 15 mg;
  • during the 10th-12th days-20 mg;
  • maximum dose per day is 80 mg.

Drug Interactions

When combined with other pills, Baclofen effects are not that beneficial. The combination depresses nerve functions. It adds to brain function reductions too. Do not combine Baclofen with:

  • Elavil or Endep- they trigger muscle weakness;
  • Nardin or Parnate- they result in depression or blood pressure decrease;
  • sedatives, allergy drugs and muscle relaxers that make one sleepy.

Note that when you buy Lioresal online, you pick the remedy that increases blood pressure. So, antidiabetic drugs are to be adjusted.

Missed Dose

The medication must be taken as prescribed. It is forbidden to take less or more of it. Never stop taking the drug on your own. A missed dose must be taken as soon as one remembers about it. If much time has passed and it is time to take another scheduled dosage, skip the missed one.


The first symptoms of Baclofen overdose are:

  • drowsiness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • breathing difficulties;
  • muscle weakness;
  • seizures.

The drug has no antidote, so to avoid convulsions and coma, please call 911/112/999 to get medical assistance.


Keep the medication away from moist places or light at room temperature. Do not flush pills down the toilet. Do not pour them into a drain. Store them away from pets and children.

What does Generic Mean?

Brand and generic medications have more similarities than differences. They guarantee the same treatment results. The first ones are subjected to a patent law. The latter ones are not. The colors and shapes are other differences. Generics cost less, thus they become more popular.

How to Buy Baclofen Online?

Today you can order and buy Baclofen without prescription via an online store. To save time follow the guidelines:

  • decide on the product, its quantity and proper dosage;
  • add the chosen product to cart;
  • pass on to checkout;
  • get a confirmation call or e-mail and check the details;
  • confirm the order and make a payment;
  • get your drugs within 10 business days.

Worth it

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I often get nervous even over trifles, and then I had to read the report before a considerable audience. And a friend of mine advised LIORESAL. It's a muscle relaxant. After taking 4 tablets, it became all the same to me, how they would think of me, and just tried to do my best. I took it after this case a couple of times. And I think to leave it for the future, I have no addiction to it.


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As for muscle relaxation, baclofen helps well. In fact, there are not so many drugs of such action (muscle relaxants), and baclofen is not the last of them. But Lioresal has a less pronounced hypnotic effect. I did not notice any addiction, but to get off with baclofen, it is necessary to slowly reduce the dose.
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