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Drug Use

Prozac (Fluoxetine) is intended for depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment. It really works when other medications are useless. When bipolar disorders are the core, relief is guaranteed during the first stage of the course.

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Side Effects

The commonest side effects pose no severe complications. Their list is long. However, the main signs are:

  • tremors and shaking;
  • insomnia and unusual dreams;
  • tiredness and yawning;
  • flu-like symptoms.

Most rare effects are more serious or even dangerous. If you buy Prozac online, you can feel:

  • vision problems;
  • low levels of sodium in blood;
  • serious skin reactions;
  • nervous system reactions.

Pregnancy: fetus development may be harmed by this drug. This is why all benefits and drawbacks of drug intake during pregnancy must be evaluated. Especially, its administration during the 3rd trimester.

Breastfeeding: the medication does pass into breast milk. Before breastfeeding and taking Prozac, have a professional consultation. It will help avoid complications.


Caution is taken with any depression pills and Prozac is no exception. Buy Prozac generic and learn its ingredients. Some of them lead to health complications and severe allergic reactions.

The use of medication may have a negative impact on chronic diseases. Especially the following conditions:

  • diabetes;
  • liver health issues;
  • kidney complications;
  • suicidal attempts;
  • seizures;
  • glaucoma.

Its liquid form contains alcohol and sugar. Patients with diabetes and alcohol dependence must have adjusted doses.

Withdrawal effects are minimal. If you need to stop taking the medication, do it gradually.

Moderate alcohol amounts do not cause problems when combined with Prozac. But the intake must be avoided. The recommendation is general as it is unknown how your body will react to a strong drink. Drinking can worsen some symptoms too.

How to Take

The medication is taken by mouth. Buy Prozac without prescription, yet take according to professional recommendations:

  • take it once a day (better in the morning);
  • administer a tablet with food or without it;
  • measure its liquid form carefully before intake;
  • do not decrease/increase doses on your own.

The medication is offered in several strengths and forms. The capsule strength is 10, 20 and 40 mg, while tablets come in 10, 20, 40 and 60 mg.

The usual starting dose is 20mg. It may be decreased to 10 mg or increased to 40, depending on efficacy and adverse reactions.

Drug Interactions

Prozac (Fluoxetine) interacts with different drugs. Most of them always affect drug efficacy and add to adverse reactions severity:

  • Pimozide must not be combined with Fluoxetine. The latter one increases Pimozide levels in the body and raises heart rhythm problems;
  • MAOIs consumption is stopped at least 2 weeks before Prozac course. When the drugs are administered too close to each other, they cause life threatening effects. A patient suffers from high fever. Muscle spasms and stiff muscles occur as well;
  • Thioridazine and Fluoxetine combination can lead to a fatal outcome.

Missed Dose

If there is a case of missed dose, the drug will not work as well as it should. It may also stop working completely. Make a schedule of dose intakes and follow it daily to ensure benefits. The missing dose must be taken at once. If it is too close to the next dose, skip the missing one.


When the levels of Prozac are dangerous, a patient suffers from:

  1. dizziness and tiredness;
  2. fast heart rate;
  3. nausea and/or vomiting;
  4. tremors or agitation.

Empty your stomach once adverse reactions occur. Drink much water. If it does not help, call 911/112/999 or go to the emergency room to receive treatment.


15-30C is an optimal temperature for Prozac storage. Remember to keep it in a dry place with no direct sunlight. Bathroom and kitchen are not appropriate storage locations. Make sure a container is out of reach of children or home pets.

What does Generic Mean?

Generics allow a great access to healthcare to many users worldwide. These are FDA-approved drugs that meet all standard. Generics have the same purity and quality, strength and stability as their brand counterparts. The manufacturing and packaging differs. But results still remain the same.

How to Buy Prozac Online?

To complete the order and buy Fluoxetine online, please follow basic recommendations:

  • make your choice of a drug, its dosage and quantity you need according to prescription;
  • add the choice to cart and proceed to checkout;
  • receive a confirmation e-mail/call within half an hour after making an order;
  • pay for the pills;
  • receive them within 10 days.
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