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Drug Use

Metronidazole (Flagyl) is a prescription medication used for infections treatment. It is one of the nitroimidazoles. This is why it stops the bacteria growth or even stomach ulcers. The medication is useless for cold and flu.

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Side Effects

When it comes to Metronidazole, adverse reactions it evokes are common or rare. They may be mild or severe.

Common adverse effects are:

  • cough and sneezing;
  • loss of balance;
  • dry mouth;
  • abnormal vaginal discharges;
  • swollen tongue.

These reactions last for 2-3 hours maximum and then vanished. Rare effects are more complicated. They occur in different users depending on the dosage administered:

  • vision problem/loss;
  • numbness in hands and feet;
  • seizures;
  • watery/bloody diarrhea.

Pregnancy: this is a B category drug. The studied pregnant animals showed no risks or complications after intake. Researches in pregnant women are not clear. So, women can buy Flagyl online, but its use during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters is prohibited.

Breastfeeding: it does pass into milk. The medication can trigger adverse body reactions in infants. Do not take it, while breastfeeding.


Many users are allergic to Metronidazole (Flagyl). Before taking it, it is necessary to find out whether you are allergic to its ingredients. Secondary ingredients cause the most issues.

Some chronic illnesses require attention too. They may be influenced by Flagyl and result in health complications or even a fatal outcome. These are:

  • nervous system disorders;
  • liver problems;
  • kidney complications;
  • Crohns disease;
  • blood disorder.

Patients may be prescribed adjusted doses that pose no complications.

Limit the use of alcohol. It should be done 2-3 days before drug administration to prevent adverse reactions. Such combination results in dizziness, flushing and headaches.

Withdrawal effects are absent. Yet still the refusal from the drug must be gradual, not sudden.

How to Take?

Buy Metronidazole online and take pills by mouth. The treatment course will last up to 5-10 days, but it may be more durable. Follow prescription directions:

  • administer pills 2-3 times daily;
  • consume pill on an empty stomach;
  • one-day treatment course- a single 1 gram dose in the morning;
  • seven-day treatment course- 250 mg taken tree times daily.

Doses are individualized. Some patients report that they tolerate a single-day treatment regimen better than the seven-day one. Yet, it is not their choice. The medication is prescribed by a doctor and administered under his supervision.

Drug Interactions

Buy Metronidazole generic but never combine it with Disulfiram. The combination is dangerous. It can lead to severe complications like psychotic reactions, including:

  1. hallucinations;
  2. delusions;
  3. confusion.

Side effects often occur when Flagyl is taken with Lithium or Warfarin. Blood thinners and Busulfan are dangerous as well. When the drugs are taken with Metronidazole, immediate medical help is needed.

Missed Dose

The missed pill must be administered after you remember it. Take the next dose, if too much time has passed. Do not take a double dose. It may cause severe health complications or become fatal.


15 gram doses lead to overdose. The condition is characterized by the presence of suicidal thoughts. Minor symptoms are nausea and vomiting. When the case of overdose is suspected, supportive or symptomatic treatment is helpful.

Call 911/112/999, if you cannot cope with the condition.


Store Metronidazole pills at room temperature (below 25C). Bathroom and kitchen are not appropriate for storage: moisture and direct sunlight are destructive for pills. The remedy must be out of the reach of children or pets.

What does Generic Mean?

Today generics are brand pill analogs. They are approved for various diseases treatment due to their effects. Generics cost less. However, price is not reflected in their action methods. They lead to the same results. So, buying generics online has become a very popular choice these days.

How to Buy Metronidazole online?

Spend a few minutes to make and order. Buy Metronidazole without prescription and benefit from results.

  • decide on the dosage and quantity of pills you need;
  • add your choice to cart;
  • go to checkout;
  • wait for a confirmation e-mail or call;
  • complete the payment process;
  • wait for delivery (10 business days).

Helped me

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We treated colitis associated with long-term use of antibiotics (an old infection) with metronidazole. I did not find any complaints about the medicine. It was cheap, albeit lasting, but the disease was not ordinary, the main thing was to drink the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, after all, it is an antibiotic.

Thanks again

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This medicine suite me best, no side effects. I was treating my throat, and before that, I had been treated for gynecology more than once. And I will only order from this seller. Always high quality service and nice bonuses depending on what you order!

Good drug

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I was treated with metronidazole for acne. Before the beginning of menstruation, there were huge pimples, each time, and the pimples then merged into some huge bubbles, which left huge red spots after them. And as soon as one bubble passed, another appeared immediately. Every menses was excruciated. As a result, bought Metronidazole in the pharmacy and after I took all 20 pills, the skin cleared and now even before the menstrual period and during menstruation the skin is clean, I do not observe any acne.
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