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Drug Use

Clomid (Clomiphene) is used for female infertility treatment. The drug stimulates the hormones. As a result, it supports the mature egg growth and release. Women with ovarian failure are not recommended to take the drug. The same goes to women with primary pituitary.

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Side Effects

Both common and rare adverse reactions may occur. If you buy Clomid online, the common adverse reactions are:

  • headache or migraines;
  • breakthrough spotting or bleeding;
  • tenderness or breast pain.

If you seek medical help on the mentioned negative effects, you can call a doctor. As to rare ones, these are:

  • stomach pain;
  • pelvic pain or pelvic pressure;
  • weight gain;
  • urination problems;
  • vaginal bleeding.

The rare effects are not to be neglected. They require immediate medical assistance to eliminate consequences.

Pregnancy: the remedy is used for increasing conception chances. Do not take it during pregnancy. Some users report fetotoxicity. Thus, the drug may increase risks of fetal abnormalities or birth defects.

Breastfeeding: as for today there have not been any studies conducted on Clomid use while breastfeeding. Nevertheless, its use is not approved or advised.


Attention must be paid to use of Clomid by different patients. Aside from being able to provoke allergic reactions, the drug causes other complications. Especially in people with chronic diseases:

  • liver disease;
  • enlarged ovaries;
  • adrenal gland problems;
  • tumor in the brain.

If a patient has a history of uterus problems, he is not allowed to buy Clomid generic.

The use of this medication may result in multiple births. The drug has not shown any signs of addiction in most patients. Withdrawals effects after a sudden refusal are absent.

It is suggested to limit any alcoholic beverages, when taking it. Alcohol can worsen the condition.

How to Take?

Always follow your dosing schedule to turn drug effect into personal benefits. Here what is suggested by most professionals:

  • take the drug by mouth;
  • it is suggested to administer tablets with food;
  • the recommended dose for beginners is 50 mg per day (one pill);
  • a treatment course lasts for 5-6 days;
  • if there is no recent bleeding, the course may be started any day;
  • if ovulation does not appear, the 2nd course starts only in 30 days after the previous one;
  • the recommended dosage during the 2nd course is 100 mg per day.

Usually, the 1st therapy brings its results. If ovulation does not occur after three full courses, additional medical check-ups are needed.

Drug Interactions

There are no interactions between Clomid and other drugs. The medication does interact with alcohol. This combination leads to dizziness and vomiting. When you buy Clomid without prescription, it can interact with grapefruits juice. They both may add to liver breaks.

Missed Dose

If you have trouble remembering when to take a dose, make a schedule. A missed dose is never taken closely to the next one. This leads to overdose. Just skip the missed dose and proceed to the next one.


The overdose is not accompanied by toxic effects. The adverse reactions that normally occur are:

  • scotomata;
  • vomiting;
  • blurred vision;
  • abdominal pain;
  • ovarian enlargement;
  • vasomotor issues.

When Clomid (Clomiphene) overdose occurs, one should use supportive measures and gastrointestinal decontamination. If self-treatment is ineffective, call 911, 112 or 999 and receive appropriate medical assistance timely.


The pills must be stored in a dry and cool place at temperature that is below 25C. Do not unpack pills until it is time to take them. Never keep them in a bathroom or somewhere else near a sink or on window sill. Make sure that the place is out of reach of children.

What does Generic Mean?

Today generics look more attractive than most brand pills. These brand-drug-copies contain identical ingredients. They are not subjected to a patent law, so they cost less. And this is their main benefit. Generic medications offer the same results, but do not affect the budget.

How to Buy Clomid Online?

Using an Internet service, patients can buy Clomid online. To make a successful order they need to:

  • decide on the type of drug they need (quantity, dosage, etc.);
  • add the chosen medication to cart;
  • go to checkout;
  • it will take about 30 minutes after placing an order to get a confirmation e-mail;
  • make a payment;
  • get Clomid delivered within 10 working days.

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I was prescribed clomiphene, the pregnancy occurred in the first cycle, no cysts appeared, we are already waiting for our princess soon))) and if you have any doubts - consult another doctor.
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