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Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) is a prescription medication used for bacterial infections treatment. It belongs to the class of quinolone antibiotics. Cipro is viewed as an effective drug to prevent bacteria growth. The drug will not work for flu or common cold.

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Side Effects

Common side effects experienced by Ciprofloxacin users include:

  • mild headaches;
  • mild diarrhea;
  • mild dizziness;
  • vaginal itching.

Along with common ones there occur rare. Buy Ciprofloxacin genericand get ready to experience:

  • trouble breathing;
  • depression;
  • muscle weakness;
  • chest pain;
  • pounding heartbeats;
  • vision problems.

Pregnancy: it is unknown whether the remedy intake is safe during pregnancy. Professional consultation is required. Let a doctor know.

Breastfeeding: Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) passes in breast milk. Taking the drug, while breastfeeding, is not safe.


Inform a doctor of chronic conditions and allergies before you buy Ciprofloxacin online. Check the following list. If there is the condition you suffer(ed) from, a special dose must be adjusted:

  • kidney complications;
  • liver issues;
  • diabetes;
  • heart attack and heart problems;
  • seizure disorder;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • head/brain injuries.

The drug may influence the heart rhythm or result is serious adverse reactions.

As for now, there is no clear evidence of addiction to it. Treatment process can be stopped any time. But to avoid possible withdrawal effects, reduce doses gradually.

Do not combine strong drinks with Ciprofloxacin. They affect drug action and lead to complications.

How to Take?

Buy Ciprofloxacin without prescription and take it with food or without it. It is usually administered twice daily. It is normally done in the morning and evening. The route of administration and dosage are as follows:

  • the container is shaken 15 seconds before pouring a dose;
  • the suspension is not chewed;
  • the suspension is measured by a special device, not a tablespoon;
  • dairy products can decrease drug effects;
  • dose for gonorrhea treatment- 250 mg;
  • dose urinary tract infection treatment- 250 mg twice per day;
  • dose for pneumonia treatment -750 mg twice per day;
  • dose for acute sinusitis treatment- 500 mg twice per day;
  • dose for joint/bone infection treatment- 500 mg twice per day.

Take the doses at the same time daily.

Drug Interactions

Drugs that interact with Ciprofloxacin are:

  1. blood thinners;
  2. caffeine containing drugs;
  3. immunosuppressant meds;
  4. diuretics;
  5. muscle relaxants;
  6. antidepressants.

Dofetilide, Procainamide and Amoidarone after the heart rate when combined with Cipro. The remedy also prolongs the influence of caffeine-containing meds. Antibiotics decrease Ciprofloxacin efficacy.

Missed Dose

A missed dose must be taken when a patient remembers of it. When it is nearly time for the next dose to be taken, do not take two pills. Skip the missing dose. You will avoid overdose complications.


Animal studies have shown that large quantities of the drug lead to kidney damage. The condition is accompanied by seizures or vomiting and trouble breathing. No home remedy will help. Contact a family doctor or call 911/112/999 to get timely and adequate medical help.


Buy Cipro online and store pills at room temperature (15-30C). Make sure the container is tightly closed and is out reach of kids. Do not store it in bathroom or kitchen.

What does Generic Mean?

Generics are copies of well-known brand medications. They are offered in the same dosage, with identical effects, risks and administration routes. Their pharmacology effects are identical. Yet still they cost less as they are not subjected to a patent law.

How to Buy Ciprofloxacin Online?

The procedure is clear and includes several easy steps to be taken:

  • after choosing the drug type, dosage and quantity of pills, add the choice to cart;
  • proceed to checkout;
  • wait for an e-mail letter to come. It will consist of order details. Check them and confirm your order;
  • pay for the order made;
  • expected delivery time is 10 business days.

Top antibiotic

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Personally, I use it at the first sign of a cold. I take one pill before bedtime with aspirin and it helps. Excellent cope with various infectious exacerbations, diseases. The price is affordable, you can buy it here without fear of forgery, and everything is all right with it. I consider this antibiotic to be the most effective for various infections, acute respiratory infections, influenza. It also helps in some cases with a different skin rash.

Best choice

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We bought this antibiotic for treating with gum disease, it helped quite quickly, there are side effects, but they did not affect themselves in any way, there are different dosages, both children's and adults.

Superb anti-flu

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I caught cold, drank anti-flu and all kinds of garbage against colds, in the end nothing helped, temperature, sore throat. It was on the weekends and it was time to go to work, and did not want to go to the ER madly. I rummaged in a home pharmacy, found an antibiotic ciprofloxacin. I read reviews in the internet, write a lot of side effects. I took it at my own risk. And a miracle, in the morning, not a fever, not temperature, and the sore throat. I was surprised at such a quick recovery. Literally two tablets. One before bedtime, and one in the morning. I’ll definitely order here when my stock will run out.
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