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Drug Uses

Citalopram (Celexa) is used for depression treatment. The medication improves the feeling of well-being and energy levels. Other mental conditions can be treated with its help, too. They are hot flashes and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

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Side Effects

Common side effects that may appear are:

  • vision changes;
  • dry mouth;
  • insomnia;
  • anxiety;
  • weakness;
  • cold symptoms.

The list is incomplete. These symptoms never occur all at once. Different users have 2-3 of them and cope with each on their own. As to rare effects, their list includes:

  • chest pain;
  • pounding heartbeats;
  • sweating and high fever;
  • vomiting.

Pregnancy: the drug is not associated with birth defects in infants. Nevertheless, its use during pregnancy should be avoided. An only exception is when benefits from use prevail. Breastfeeding: an infant does receive the drug with breast milk. Weight loss and drowsiness in babies are the main effects of Citalopram (Celexa).


When you buy Citalopram online, be attentive to its ingredients. Some of them cause serious allergies. The drug can trigger complication in people with chronic conditions:

  1. seizures;
  2. bleeding problems;
  3. liver complications;
  4. severe kidney problems;
  5. dehydration;
  6. hyponatremia.

There are no clear proofs that Citalopram causes dependence. Still, some withdrawal effects are present. Stop administering the drug gradually. A sudden refusal may trigger shock and lead to complications.

Do not drink alcohol, while you are consuming Celexa. You buy Celexa online for depression treatment. Alcohol adds to the condition instead of treating it.

How to Take

The medication is available in 10, 20 and 40 mg pills. There is also a liquid solution. Both variants are taken with/without food once per day. Administration route:

  • a recommended dose to start with is 20 mg;
  • a dose can be increased to 40 mg when needed;
  • carefully measure the liquid dose with a special spoon;
  • keep taking the drug even if you feel well. A sudden stop will make you experience shock, headache and mood swings;
  • the treatment course lasts from 1 to 4 weeks.

Inform a doctor whether the health issue improves or worsens.

Drug Interactions

There are many medications that interact with Citalopram. Most of them lead to complications rather than benefits:

  • NSAIDs, blood thinners and antiplatelet drugs can lead to bruising and bleeding;
  • Aspirin increases bleeding risks, if combined with Celexa;
  • Tryptophan, Venlafaxine, dietary supplements and ecstasy lead to serotonin syndrome.

Meds that contain escitalopram are forbidden when a patient takes Celexa. The matter is both drugs are identical.

Missed Dose

Buy Citalopram generic and take it according to recommendations. The intake is always scheduled. If you do not take one dose, take it as it is remembered. When it is time for another dose, do not double it. Just refuse from the missed one.


Cases of overdose are suspected when a patient experiences:

  • shortness of breath and chest pain;
  • dizziness and fainting;
  • irregular heartbeat and excessive sweating;
  • headaches and hallucinations.

There is no effective antidote that can be used at home. Address medical service. Call 911, 112 or 999 to get adequate help timely and prevent complications.


Buy Citalopram without prescription and store it at room temperature. Do not keep it in bathroom or kitchen. Make sure it is away from heat and moisture. When the product is expired, discard it properly. Keep in away from pets and children.

What does Generic Mean?

A generic drug is created to work just like a brand one. It has the same ingredients and produces the same effects. Preservative and fillers differ from those in brand ones. This is why usually the shape, color and taste of generics are different. As long as the same manufacturing standards are preserved, generics are not worse than brand pills. They just cost less.

How to Buy Citalopram Online?

To make the process of online ordering easier, we suggest paying attention to a step-by-step guide:

  1. look through the variety of offers in stock;
  2. pick pills or liquids that you need;
  3. check the required dosage and quantity;
  4. add your choice to cart and proceed to checkout;
  5. during the next 30 minutes you will receive a confirmation letter;
  6. confirm your order;
  7. pay for pills;
  8. expect your pills to be delivered within 10 business days.

Don’t panic

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5 years suffered from panic attacks. I attended even a candidate of psychological sciences, and he prescribed it to me. I took 10 days for a quarter, thought that helped and was afraid of addiction. In general, 2 more years passed while my psychiatric girlfriend did not convince me to recover. I have been taking for 5 months now and have sighed deeply, started to live, and not to be afraid of another attack.

It works its best

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I take the drug 10 mg for a little more than a week. The mood has improved noticeably, the head is completely clean, it's easy to concentrate on work (which I did before with difficulty), the libido grew several times, and the time to reach orgasm increased, which is also a plus (for the wife).

Saved me

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I took this miracle remedy, "celexa", and here's what I'll tell you: a great thing. The mood is volatile, all fears have sunk into oblivion, and you even want to run to work, which has never happened to me. I do not get used to it; I took a couple of times in a few years. Prior to this, the doctors assigned me all sorts of rubbish, with which nothing had happened. And "celexa" suited me just fine, as if obtained a second breath.


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IMHO. An unbelievable drug. It fits me perfectly. I took it about a year. Finished the course without problems, I mean no withdrawal syndrome. Plus, I also lost weight very quickly somewhere in 10 kg. Such a pleasant side)
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