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Ativan (Lorazepam) is initiated to soothe nerve tension of different origin. It shows great effects and it is widely spread among physicians thanks to powerful sedative ability. Its major component is known as Lorazepam. It has a direct influence upon the central nerve system.

This active substance balances the composition of natural chemicals, which are utterly important. Any imbalance of these neurotransmitters leads to violations of human behavior and feelings. This can be a reason of various mental disorders. One of such is inability to fall asleep.

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It also relieves our body from acute pain. It blocks areas that are answerable for experiencing pain sensations.

Note that it can be implemented for other purposes. To get additional information concerning this matter, seek for an expert.


Buy Lorazepam online to remove any inconveniences and disorders. It medicates the next ailments:

  • Agitation;
  • Nervous tension;
  • Too high irritability;
  • Shift in sleep regimen;
  • Functional cardiovascular neurosis;
  • Reducing of stress and pain for individualities that are operated;
  • Postoperative procedures;
  • Depression;
  • Epilepsy;

It also medicates similar disorders.


Definite health conditions and other impediments make the usage of this preparation unsafe. If you have any of them in your history, you have to avoid using this treatment. Consult a specialist to clarify other options on your issue.

There are the following contradictions:

  • Overly high sensuousness to the formulation of the cure;
  • severe form of myasthenia gravis;
  • coma;
  • shock;
  • drug addiction;
  • intoxication with drugs of severe character;
  • severe respiratory complications;
  • periods pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Never mix up the treatment with alcohol drinks in any amounts.

People who have hepatic and renal ailments, cerebral and spinal ataxia diseases, depressive behavior and suicidal thoughts, and psychosis must cautiously intake it. An expert must supervise them.

Identities aged over 60 and under 12 should not use the treatment.

Adverse Reactions

There is a possibility for the appearance of negative reactions while using this preparation. Commonly, they do not have a lasting and severe character. However, before you buy Ativan online we want to acknowledge you with them.

Amongst adverse reactions can occur:

  1. allergies;
  2. breathing violations;
  3. swelling of various areas of the face (including tongue);
  4. convulsions;
  5. sores in the mouth or throat;
  6. yellowing of the skin;
  7. white eyes;
  8. rashes;
  9. vision disturbance;
  10. drowsiness;
  11. dizziness;
  12. depression;
  13. nausea;
  14. vomiting;
  15. too frequent heartbeat;
  16. urinary disorders;
  17. headaches;
  18. decreased sexual drive;
  19. frequent mood alterations.

At the first signs of any negative manifestation, seek for emergency help.

Dosing Regimen

Ativan (Lorazepam) possesses powerful affection upon the organism. If using it inappropriately, you can do sufficient harm to yourself. We recommend studying all indications concerning its safe usage. Do not change your dosing regimen on your own. Always consult a specialist.

The initial dosing is 2-3 mg three per day. The maintenance dose can be 15 mg daily. It can be done only after permission of your supervisor. He will determine whether you can tolerate the enhanced dose.

The enhancement and lowering of the dose must be gradual. Rapid changes in dosing lead to harmful events.

The dosage for children (age 6-12) is 0.5-1 mg two times each day.

Never violate your conventional dosing regimen.

Missed Dose

If you have missed a dose, do not intake an additional one. Keep using the drug according to your schedule.


Overdose induces adverse effects. If you feel any, immediately seek for medical assistance.


Generic is complete copy of the original and duplicates all its properties. However, its price is lower. If you want to buy Ativan generic, you can do it on our resource.

Online Ordering

Buy Ativan without prescription over the Internet using our Internet pharmacy. Fill in the form. Indicate all necessary fields and expect your order within the period of 10 business days.

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