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Ambien (Zolpidem) is one of the most efficacious remedies that have been designed to restore proper sleep. It possesses powerful sedative and hypnotic effects. It is of high effectuality and reliability. Due to this, it is widely used in medical practice. It normalizes most deviations of sleep.

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Its major constituent is called Zolpidem. It acts in definite nerve centers of human cerebrum. These are centers, which regulate our sleep regimen. Violation of the latter is oftentimes induced by the imbalance of natural chemicals. The active substance of the remedy brings the balance to harmony and eliminates any deviations.

The drug exists in the form of pills. The first one is of immediate-release action. It will let you fall asleep with no problems almost immediately. The action, in general, has two different steps so it acts a little bit differently. The first step or layer quickly dissolves to help you to feel the action of the drug and easily fall asleep. The other coat is to be dissolved much slower so as it has an aim of providing deeper sleep, which will let you rest. The action lasts up to 7-8 hours with no awakenings.

Note that this treatment cures other disorders that are not enlisted in this guide. If necessary, you should find & ask helper for an advice.

Indications on Usage

Thousands of people around the globe really are seeking for an opportunity to buy this drug in an online pharmacy & the reason for this is its great effectiveness & safety of results. It treats:

  • Sleeping disorders;
  • Inability to fall asleep immediately;
  • Frequent awakenings during the night;
  • Early awakenings.


Before ordering Ambien (Zolpidem), note that there exist certain health conditions when usage of this very remedy may be hazardous for you. If you have any of them in your history, you should avoid taking Zolpidem. Ask a specialist what to do next.

Never use the remedy if you:

  • suffer from kidney or liver dysfunctions;
  • are predisposed to drug & alcohol addiction;
  • have respiratory ailments;
  • have suicidal thoughts;
  • are depressed.

This remedy is classified after the FDA as Category B. The studies have not yet revealed its complete affection upon the fetus. Therefore, the periods of pregnancy & lactation may be forbidden.

If your age is over 60 and under 18, you may require special regulations.

Adverse Effects

Specialists received some reports about possible and experienced side effects. Be cautious while using this remedy. Do not delay & hurry up to receive some medical help if you experience:

  1. allergenic reactions;
  2. violated breathing;
  3. swelling of some parts of the face, including tongue;
  4. convulsions;
  5. abnormal behavior;
  6. serious confusions;
  7. headache;
  8. depressive behavior;
  9. pain in muscles;
  10. vivid dreams;
  11. difficulties with memory.

These events do not happen often. Nevertheless, such possibility even of the single dose exists. Always follow the instructions of your physician. Please notice that you can use your chance to purchase this remedy with no trouble and use it properly.


We advise you memorizing all indications that advise the proper implementation of this cure. They are very essential.

Each dose ought to be individualized and depends on each patient’s condition, as it is always individual and requires special attitude. Also it depends on such factors as the severity of the disease and some other peculiarities.

There will occur immediate effect. Commonly, it lasts for 7-8 hours. Therefore, do not use the cure if you’re not going to rest & sleep during the period of the drug’s action. It will make you sleepy at once. Try to avoid using any machinery including car driving after using the tablets and go to bed at once.

If you miss a dose

Never use two doses simultaneously; it concerns even cases when you accidentally missed the prescribed dosage. Then you just have to go on using these pills according to your physician’s advices.


In occasion you have overdosed, turn for emergency assistance. Do it ASAP.


If you have decided to buy Ambien generic, you may be totally sure that its effects will be the same as of its original. It fully follows & repeats all of them.

Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy has a very rich choice for its customers. We store multiple preparations of any desired action. Here you, if you wish, can buy Ambien without prescription as well as any other remedy.

Find our resource over the Internet & fill in the form. We politely ask you to determine data about:

  • the desired quantity of the product;
  • the preferable method of payment;
  • the place of transportation.

We guarantee the quality of each product. We will deliver your long-awaited package in the term of 10 days since your order’s approval (business days).


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